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Vitamin D - 10 unexpected effects on human body

Vitamin D - 10 unexpected effects on human body
Vitamin D is necessary for the body. But very often the so-called "sun vitamin" remains ignored. We present 10 reasons why you should take enough of it - for the bones, for the cells, for the brain ...

1. For a good mood
Not only the bones have receptors for vitamin D, but many other tissues. In the brain they are in the hypothalamus that affects our mood. Sun creates a good mood purely biochemical way, by activating the formation of vitamin D. According to some studies, people with low vitamin D more often suffer from depression.

2. For healthy heart
Heart problems occur more often in winter and affect mostly people from the Nordic countries and those in cities. Obviously they lack sunlight to form sufficient vitamin D. This leads to a rise in blood pressure and bad cholesterol, blood clots can not be broken. According to recent studies, the risk of heart problems and blood circulation at low levels of vitamin D increases to 220%. Lack of vitamin already recognized as a risk factor for heart disease.

3. To increase the resistance
Before the only treatment of tuberculosis were strongest food and most of all - sunbathing. Today we know why - Vitamin D kills tuberculosis bacteria. It is a natural antibiotic. In addition, activates the body's cells 'killers'. Therefore, people with low vitamin D were 40% more susceptible to colds. According to a new study, students rarely suffer from colds in winter if they take vitamin D.

4. For slender figure
To lie in the sun and go thin - it is just not happening that way. Not so simple, but should not neglect the fact that the level of vitamin D affects the speed of weight loss - as higher before the diet, the more rapidly lose weight. It is no coincidence that just in the winter when the sun is weaker, we put on weight.

5. For healthy bones
It is known that children suffer from rickets and the bones get distortion if you do not go in the sun. For years, it is clear how important vitamin D in the skeletal system. Only with its help the body is able to accumulate calcium in bones to prevent osteoporosis. Postmenopausal women should take (according to the risk of osteoporosis) from 800 to 2000 IU vitamin D daily.

6. For healthy cells
Already in the 40 years of the twentieth century U.S. doctors noticed that in the sun States fewer people get sick from cancer. Vitamin D stops the uncontrolled cell division and formation of metastases. According to some studies, mortality in patients with cancer who have a high enough level of vitamin D, decreased by half. It protects against some cancers such as colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer. For the breast cancer the risk falls by one third if the level of vitamin D is high enough. There is even evidence that the vitamin minimizes the risk of skin cancer, in case not overdoing with sunbathing.

7. For healthy children
Infants receive immediately after birth tablets or drops with vitamin D. However, it is necessary for them even before that - it is important that the mother is exposed to more sun during the first third of pregnancy to form sufficient vitamin D. Otherwise children may have damaged teeth and are at increased risk of allergies.

8. To prevent diabetes
The incidence of type 1 diabetes is increasing in latitudes that are farther from the equator. The explanation is simple - the pancreas has receptors for vitamin D; it needs it to produce insulin. Its high level in the blood reduced to twice the risk of diabetes and for those already sick, improves insulin sensitivity. It is assumed that protection from the sun of modern babies from birth is a reason to prevent the accumulation of the required amount. In monitoring in Finland was made following test - the newborn babies were given 2000 IU of vitamin D and recent research found that the incidence of developing type 1 diabetes were reduced by 88%. It is very likely that in a few years, vitamin D will be included in the standard therapy of diabetes.

9. For more strength of mind
Vitamin D improves the function of the nervous system and activates the brain. The higher level in the blood increases our ability to concentrate, strengthens memory and optimize our ability to process information. There is evidence that the vitamin protects against Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and dementia.

10. For longer life
With so many examples it is not surprising that eventually the conclusion is - vitamin D prolongs life! So start getting enough of it.

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