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Ayurveda for the skin

Ayurveda for the skin
According to ayurveda, the human body is a miniature model of the universe. It consists of mixing the three basic energies, called doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their unique presence in every person defines his personality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Maintaining this balance is the only way to our health.
To take good care of your skin is enough to know which dosha you belong. In general, if you have oily skin, you are probably Kapha, if your skin is dry - you are Vata, and if sensitive - Pitta. According the predominant dosha you can choose a diet, exercise, herbs and spices, suitable for your skin.

Vata skin type is opaque, dry and thin, with visible pores. After 40 years of age it begins to fade rapidly. It does not tolerate the cold and insufficient sleep. Women with predominant Vata dosha should take more liquid and hot food. Appropriate physical exercises are yoga, aerobics, walking, biking. Very suitable in this case are the regular massages and enemas with oils that help to purify the toxins. Good oils for Vata are warming, soothing and moisturizing: sesame, rose, carnation, jasmine, orange. Spices, which balances it, are ginger and pepper.

Pitta skin type is normal or oily, bright, prone to allergies and redness. It does not tolerate the sun and emotional stress. The diet should be vegetarian - more raw food, fruits and vegetables. It is better to avoid hot, meat, coffee, alcohol. Appropriate sports are running, swimming, skiing. Well accepted are baths with herbs, reducing frustration, and massages with oils, cooling and soothing: chamomile, juniper, mint, lemon balm.

If your skin is oily and with large pores, you are probably Kapha type. The good thing is that you have a high content of collagen, which is insurance against premature aging. Often, however, susceptibility to acne and skin infections is greatest. Avoid greasy, fried food and heavy desserts. Appropriate sports are fitness, running, rowing, dancing, aerobics, yoga. Very suitable in this case are peels, intense massages and other recreational procedures. Choose dry and stimulating oils: jojoba, almond, cedar, eucalyptus, jasmine, rosemary, as well the spices basil and turmeric.

According to ayurveda, products with chemicals can be very harmful. The skin is a living organism and only live ingredients can nourish it properly - externally and internally. Therefore, ayurveda relies on natural products like honey, oils and herbs and preclude the use of any synthetic substances and additives.

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