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Good day,

My name is Kristian Todorov and I'm representative and owner of Organic (Trade Mark) for Bulgaria and web site: organic.bg.

At the very beginning my idea was to start a company working in the "organic food" and "life style" fields covering the Bulgarian territory and using the whole potential of this country rich in pure agriculture soils and herbs variety, supported from the moderate climate. Therefore I did the following steps to implement my idea:
  • I am the owner of this website could be used for online orders and advertisement

  • The trade mark "ORGANIC" at my country is registered on my name and I can legally operate/advertise

  • I built Organic Market at Varna / view map / Bulgarian coastal capital to be used as a show room together with an adjacent apartment and office

  • I am an owner of some agriculture land 10 km from my market store

  • Achieved some knowledge in the Bulgarian organic/bio field
I am looking for company with vast experience in the organic industry no matter targeting: food, cosmetics, furniture, construction etc... and interesting for investment in Bulgaria using my assets.
I am ready for all kind of proposals.

Contacts on:

Kristian Todorov
Email: ktodorov@organic.bg

Greta Simeonova
GSM: +359 879 990 321
Email: gsimeonova@organic.bg

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Thank you for visiting us.

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